It's been more than 15 years, during this time I was able to make good friends
at #montevideolibre, #debian-uy, #hackspace-uy, ##japanese, #lua among others.
Mainly #montevideolibre.  This was the home of a project to which I dedicated
years of my life, where I met my dearest friends around 2006~2010.

Gradually they changed jobs, and with busier new lives they stopped using IRC,
and so was I during some extended periods.  Little by little I kept connecting
to our old channel and it was sad to see them no longer there.  An endless wait
to hopefully one day see them arriving back, yet that never happened.

> /names #montevideolibre
< [Names] @fran!~fran@freenode-lfv.hpk.p14keb.IP
< [Names] End of NAMES list.

Sadly today Freenode has committed suicide, and so this is the end.

> /ns info fcr
< [Notice] -NickServ- Information on fran (account fcrCell):
< [Notice] -NickServ- Registered : Oct 04 13:33:16 2008 (12y 36w 4d ago)
< [Notice] -NickServ- User reg.  : Dec 08 02:35:10 2005 (15y 27w 4d ago)
< [Notice] -NickServ- Last addr  : ~fran@unaffiliated/fran
< [Notice] -NickServ- vHost      : unaffiliated/fran (assigned on Feb 02 08:37:25 2021 (18w 6d 20h ago))
< [Notice] -NickServ- Last seen  : now
< [Notice] -NickServ- Logins from: fran
< [Notice] -NickServ- Nicks      : fcrCell fcr fran
< [Notice] -NickServ- Email      : fcr@adinet.com.uy (hidden)
< [Notice] -NickServ- Flags      : HideMail, EMailMemos
< [Notice] -NickServ- fcrCell has enabled nick protection
< [Notice] -NickServ- *** End of Info ***

More info here:


Nevertheless, I'll still be around no matter what.  Self sufficiency in this
world overwhelmed with overly complex technology is of utmost importance, and
IRC with its simplicity it's a key part of the internet.  For now I'll be here: